Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hello Nostalgianeers!

Hello and Happy New Year!

welcome, welcome friends, nostalgianeers and fellow facebookers

another year is upon us and its already February!!

i don't know about you but the number 2015 sounds like something out of star trek!

normally i don't think of a particular new years resolution but this year i wanted to make it the last year i spent continually sorting out and dejunking our home of items we no longer need or want.  i wanted to stop wasting precious time and money on repetitive, life-sapping activities and make time for more important things like having fun with my family and friends and living a more stress-free lifestyle.

two things have inspired me to strive for a more fulfilling life:-

first of all i recently became a member of Pretty Nostalgic Pioneers whose ethos is to live a vintage-style life baking, making, sewing and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

You can read more about them on their facebook page - just click on their name above.  I've subscribed to their Pretty Nostalgic Magazine since it started and i wanted to try and incorporate the Pretty Nostalgic Ethos into my life. I've always been sewing, baking, decorating, making art and home-making my whole married life and now that my kids are grown-up I've got more time to live the type of life I've always aspired to.

the other thing that inspired me was a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo which has been really helpful.  I've been methodically going through the whole house using the suggestions in the book and slowly but surely our home is feeling lighter, brighter and more relaxing to live in. Check out her folding technique on You Tube.

 it uses up less space, you can see instantly what you have and the clothes are less creased than if you folded them in the usual way.  if my clothes can look this tidy just imagine what I could do to the rest of the house!

the added benefit of a good sort out is you come across items that you forgot you had and in the long term you save money because a lot of the time you can recycle what you've already got and don't have to go and buy yet another item that just clutters up your home.

my dog monty certainly looks more relaxed in our more spacious and tidy home

I hope you get chance to check out Pretty Nostalgic - I think you would find it interesting and I know that all us 'nostalgianeers' enjoyed our meet-ups at the weekend. It was great fun to meet other people with similar interests and hobbies.

I'm going to be busy making pressies for upcoming birthdays so I hope you have a great 'crafting' week ahead xx

Sadie aka Collage-Gypsy