Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring Time!

Spring is here at last!

hello dear readers!  it is such a long time since my last post but at last i feel like i've come out of hibernation.  i have that 'spring fling' feeling again and like a flower unfurling, my artistic soul is ready for some sunshine.   for a little while i thought that i had lost it but no, my mojo was lying dormant under my winter duvet all along - it just needed the sun's rays to shine upon it to re-awaken my crafty thoughts and ideas.

i have a new page on facebook Collage-Gypsy-Ltd  which i will be updating on a weekly basis with business news and events that i hope you will find of interest and i welcome comments and likes from fellow artists and crafters and lovers of all things vintage.  if you have interesting links and news that you would like to share feel free to post on my page because i love to check out new people and businesses.

i have been very busy working on our home, renovating vintage furniture, making cushions and generally tidying up and de-cluttering.  i always feel that i can think a lot straighter if the house is tidy and organised.  when i feel everything is looking lovely i can relax and concentrate on working in my studio doing what i love best which is sewing and crafting.

i will post some photos of what i've been up to in my next blog.  in the meantime you might like to know that i will be joining Vintage Vision at their vintage fayre in june this summer.  i will post details of this on my facebook page along with a link to Vintage Vision's page so that you can check out the event.

TTFN and happy crafting!