Friday, 4 May 2012

Water, Water Everywhere.....

.....and all the brain cells did shrink!

hello dear readers and welcome to another damp, miserable May Bank Holiday Weekend!

i hope you are fine and dandy - as for myself i am feeling a little lazy, bedraggled and tired.  i blame this on the awful weather we've been having lately.  my brain feels like mush and i just don't feel motivated to do anything.  i'm sure i would feel better if we had some decent sunshine and warmer weather!

i've been very busy over the last few weeks and recently i taught a collage workshop at Abergavenny for Vintage Vision.  it was the first time i've done anything like that. i really enjoyed it and it was great to meet new people and some lovely collages were made by everybody.

this is the collage i made as a demonstration.

as i haven't felt like making much for my shop i've kept the creative juices flowing by revamping the house, re-arranging furniture and sorting out my china and vintage knick-knacks that i've bought over the years.

recently i bought a lovely retro style drinks cabinet so in the evening i can have a Pop Larkin cocktail!

i also found a genuine 1950's display cabinet.  i had a lovely morning cleaning and arranging my vintage tea-sets and i think they go well in my cabinet - don't you?

whenever the weather is dull outside i always try to improve a little nook in my home somewhere because i think it always makes you feel better - let the rain lash outside on the windows!  i'm nice and cosy inside!!

as well as being busy around the home i've also started to put items on my etsy shop CollageGypsy

as you can see i have only put on one item but from little acorns big trees grow!  each day i'm hoping to add another item and the plan is to have a full shop by the end of May.

i will have a full selection of homewares and gifts so if you have time pop over and take a look!

wishing you a lovely, albeit slightly damp weekend, ttfn x