Monday, 16 April 2012

Monty's Cornish Adventure!

or... 'A seaside sabbatical with my mum!'

hello dear readers!  i hope you had a lovely easter weekend and bank holiday.

moi?! spoilt?!
you may not know who i am - my name is Monty and i'm a very spoiled pampered pooch and my mummy is Sadie aka Collage-Gypsy.

recently my mum Collage-Gypsy was feeling in need of rest and relaxation so she booked a weeks holiday in cornwall with her hubby Martin (my daddy) and i was very lucky to be taken along as well.
me trying to look cute!
Collage-Gyspy did toy with the idea of leaving me at home while she went on holiday but i put on my best 'cute' face and mum soon realised that she would miss me too much to go on holiday without me!

after a few days of frantic packing, making sure to remember my all important food, bowls and doggie-clothes we set off for cornwall.

it was a long journey and on the way and we stopped for a pub lunch at Jamaica Inn.

i am not amused!

me posing by a waterfall

we stayed in a lovely dog-friendly hotel and visited beautiful places and gardens most days.  we were very lucky with the weather so i was able to explore all the new and interesting places we saw but i wasn't keen on the sea.  it looked just a little too big and cold for me!

st ives

water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!
we went to different gardens where i was spoilt for choice with trees everywhere!

so many trees, so little time!
me on the beach in my cornish smock

'what shall we do with a drunken sailor?'

all in all i had a fantastic time with my mum and dad and although i'll miss the cream teas and exploring different places i was glad to get back home.

p.s.  i think mum and dad had a good time as well!!