Monday, 5 March 2012

Vintage Vision Fayre

Come & join me at Vintage Vision!

hello dear readers.  sorry i haven't blogged lately - mr lurgy has been visiting and is definitely lingering longer than he ought to.

i thought you might like to know that this sunday on the 11th march i will be at the Vintage Vision Fayre in Abergavenny.

this will be the third stall i have done with them and it's always a great day!

they have catwalk shows featuring vintage clothes from all eras, cream teas served on vintage china and lots of stalls selling gorgeous clothes and homewares all from the past.

i will be doing a stall featuring my vintage-inspired homewares and gifts, jewellery and cards, as well as my china and collages that feature original postcards and photos.

most of my items are handmade by myself or are my own design using lovely fabrics and images and i'm sure you will find lovely mother's day gifts and easter presents from one of the lovely stalls at this event.

i will have a selection of easter, mother's day and birthday gifts to suit all pockets so come along and join in the fun!!

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