Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Unwanted Visitors

Doubting Thomas & Black Dog

are you like me dear reader?

at this time of year does everything seem just that little bit harder?

normally my collage-gypsy self skips gaily through the day swishing her petticoats as she picks up the flotsam & jetsam of family life - that is to say, dirty socks, mugs half full of cold tea, rubbish that needs sorting into recyling & compost - just the usual everyday mundane kind of thing.

collage-gypsy doesn't complain as she loads the washing machine for the 100th time, as she reads the list of jobs that her hubby has left for her 'just in case she has a spare moment to just do ..... because her family thinks she just idles the day away in her gypsy caravan sewing & crafting...

of course dear reader, the reality is rather different. 

here i am, an artist trying to fit in a business with family life, and i probably don't need to tell you which side usually wins.  yes you've guessed it, my business usually gets done after housework & cooking.

now don't get me wrong dear reader, usually i don't mind at all because i get everything done (in a fashion), but at this time of year everything seems doubly hard.  jobs that i wouldn't give a second thought to become a mammoth task.  i yawn & ache my way through the day wondering when did i morph into an old git?  i'm renowned for my energy & verve for life - so why do i become a tired, grumpy old so and so at this time of year?

i keep a diary (which i have done since i was 15) and i decided to look through some of my old copies and see what goes on at this particualar time of year.  as i read (with a stiff drink in my hand because i do not advise reading your past endeavours without a snifter!) a clear pattern was definitely emerging between the pages....

every year as far back as i can remember i get unwanted visitors that arrive after christmas and do not go on their merry way until spring arrives.   i've got no idea where they come from or where they go and more to the point i do not care!  i'm glad when they disappear and haunt me no more.

my visitors are Doubting Thomas and his side-kick Black Dog.

i can only assume that they are the best of friends because they always visit me as a pair, never on their own. 

they arrive unannouced and uninvited.  they gate-crash my happy home and set up camp in certain corners, mainly the kitchen and my studio where collage-gypsy works and dreams.

instead of collage-gypsy's head being full of crafting ideas, inspiring photos and poems, her head becomes the keeper of doubts, worries and artist's block. 

when collage-gypsy looks in her wardrobe, instead of wearing her bright colours and petticoats she wants to stay in her pj's and bath robe.

this is no good i hear you cry!! 

collage-gypsy needs to get her head together.  she can't go around like a walking sleeping-bag!  she need's to be crafting for the upcoming vintage fayre that she's going to be doing.  there's talk of collage-gypsy teaching a workshop.  she can't expect people to be inspired to craft if she's not inspired!

with that in mind when i take monty for his daily walk today, i'm going to give collage-gypsy a good talking to. 

i'm going to tell her to pull her stripey tights up, put her red feathery hat on, lace up her flowery chunky boots and put her best foot forward back onto the crafting path of retro loveliness.

i'm going to tell her that tonight instead of ordering a takeaway she needs to don her handmade vintage apron and bake her husband's favourite pie for tea.

instead of watching rubbish on the TV this evening she needs to sit in her studio nook and finish her sewing.

i'm confident that with a little persuasion i can get collage-gypsy back on the right path because as you know dear reader Doubting Thomas and Black Dog are unwanted visitors after all...

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