Thursday, 12 January 2012

Number Crunching v Crafting

Self-Assessment - what a nightmare!

hello dear readers.  i haven't blogged for a few days because i am in panic mode over the whole corporation tax and self-assessment rubbish that i've let myself in for, since i started my small business last year.

i didn't realise that there was so much red tape!  all i want to do is sewing and crafting, and instead i'm filling in forms and number crunching.  maths was never my favourite subject at school and this whole experience is confirming why!!

as well as filling forms, i'm trying to replenish stocks after my busy time at christmas.  i need more of everything - cushions, cards, aprons, teacups.  you name it, my stocks are low of it. 

i've got the crafting bug big time especially when the weather is dark and gloomy outside, and instead of being able to sort through my fabric stash i'm having to update my accounts book.

i am not a happy bunny!  i just want things to get back to normal so that i can enjoy crafting, stitching and baking.

there... i feel a little better for having a rant. thankyou dear readers...

tomorrow is only a day away... xxx

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