Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Quick Catch Up...

hello dear readers...

long time, no see.

i hope you have had a great summer and are in fine spirits despite the recession, news on TV....

i have been very busy all summer decorating the house, re-arranging furniture and generally 'nesting.'

add to the mix hayfever, colds, and general family fare, i'm more than happy that it is now autumn (my favourite time of year)and everybody is back to college and work and i have the house all to myself.

i don't know about you but i just can't seem to get any studio work done with family about pestering for this and that so now i am full speed ahead making goodies for the upcoming Leominster Victorian Christmas Market which is on saturday 8th december.

i will keep you posted with pics and more info in the next week or so.


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Trumpet Fanfare...

...of a different kind!

hello dear readers!  i hope you are keeping well and had a great jubilee weekend.

i have been very busy lately taking advantage of some quiet days at home to do a few jobs around the house such as covering an ottoman i bought at a carboot sale a couple of months ago.

i also managed to have a day to myself to put up my marilyn wallpaper in our hallway.  i'm really pleased with how it looks considering i had sockets, a fusebox and an electric meter cupboard to get round! - what do you think?

as well as refurbishing a lamp and making cushions for our home i've been replenishing my stocks and am pleased to say that my work is now available at Trumpet Corner Tea Rooms & Art Gallery.

this is my cabinet of work

a closer look!
this is a lovely place to visit.  they have a cafe sourced with local tasty food and a gallery featuring local artists (myself included).  they have a lovely garden to sit in (when it's not raining!) featuring different sculptures.  they also have weekly workshops which i go to myself when time allows.

these workshops are run by angela who is an artist herself and she works as Lady of the Greenwood

this is angela's work at the trumpet tea rooms
angela is a textile artist and her workshops are fun and everybody is very friendly and welcoming.  recently i have been learning new embroidery stitches at one of the classes.

i also had time to put my teacups for sale on Ebay and will be busy making more items for my Etsy Shop over the next few weeks.  all this in between painting the bathroom, laying a stairs runner and painting the front room!

who says a womans work is never done!?!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Water, Water Everywhere.....

.....and all the brain cells did shrink!

hello dear readers and welcome to another damp, miserable May Bank Holiday Weekend!

i hope you are fine and dandy - as for myself i am feeling a little lazy, bedraggled and tired.  i blame this on the awful weather we've been having lately.  my brain feels like mush and i just don't feel motivated to do anything.  i'm sure i would feel better if we had some decent sunshine and warmer weather!

i've been very busy over the last few weeks and recently i taught a collage workshop at Abergavenny for Vintage Vision.  it was the first time i've done anything like that. i really enjoyed it and it was great to meet new people and some lovely collages were made by everybody.

this is the collage i made as a demonstration.

as i haven't felt like making much for my shop i've kept the creative juices flowing by revamping the house, re-arranging furniture and sorting out my china and vintage knick-knacks that i've bought over the years.

recently i bought a lovely retro style drinks cabinet so in the evening i can have a Pop Larkin cocktail!

i also found a genuine 1950's display cabinet.  i had a lovely morning cleaning and arranging my vintage tea-sets and i think they go well in my cabinet - don't you?

whenever the weather is dull outside i always try to improve a little nook in my home somewhere because i think it always makes you feel better - let the rain lash outside on the windows!  i'm nice and cosy inside!!

as well as being busy around the home i've also started to put items on my etsy shop CollageGypsy

as you can see i have only put on one item but from little acorns big trees grow!  each day i'm hoping to add another item and the plan is to have a full shop by the end of May.

i will have a full selection of homewares and gifts so if you have time pop over and take a look!

wishing you a lovely, albeit slightly damp weekend, ttfn x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Monty's Cornish Adventure!

or... 'A seaside sabbatical with my mum!'

hello dear readers!  i hope you had a lovely easter weekend and bank holiday.

moi?! spoilt?!
you may not know who i am - my name is Monty and i'm a very spoiled pampered pooch and my mummy is Sadie aka Collage-Gypsy.

recently my mum Collage-Gypsy was feeling in need of rest and relaxation so she booked a weeks holiday in cornwall with her hubby Martin (my daddy) and i was very lucky to be taken along as well.
me trying to look cute!
Collage-Gyspy did toy with the idea of leaving me at home while she went on holiday but i put on my best 'cute' face and mum soon realised that she would miss me too much to go on holiday without me!

after a few days of frantic packing, making sure to remember my all important food, bowls and doggie-clothes we set off for cornwall.

it was a long journey and on the way and we stopped for a pub lunch at Jamaica Inn.

i am not amused!

me posing by a waterfall

we stayed in a lovely dog-friendly hotel and visited beautiful places and gardens most days.  we were very lucky with the weather so i was able to explore all the new and interesting places we saw but i wasn't keen on the sea.  it looked just a little too big and cold for me!

st ives

water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!
we went to different gardens where i was spoilt for choice with trees everywhere!

so many trees, so little time!
me on the beach in my cornish smock

'what shall we do with a drunken sailor?'

all in all i had a fantastic time with my mum and dad and although i'll miss the cream teas and exploring different places i was glad to get back home.

p.s.  i think mum and dad had a good time as well!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easter Vacation

my easter holiday and shop opening

hello dear readers!

just a very quick blog today to let you know that i'm having a little holiday so my online shop will be closed now until after easter.

i'm looking forward to having some 'time out' to spend with my family.

i also plan to do some DIY and sewing in the easter holiday to spruce up our little home. 

i don't need to tell you dear reader, that life can get a little hectic and without realising it you can get caught up with everyday nonsense such as household bills, chores and appointments.

life has been very busy for me lately what with having mr lurgy outstaying his welcome and doing his best to tire me out, and making lots of stock for the recent vintage vision stall that i did a couple of weeks ago.

so i'm really looking forward to taking a break and just relaxing, taking photos with my trusty camera, sketching, eating out and generally making time to stop and smell the roses!

i hope you have planned a lovely relaxing easter for yourself and loved ones.  all too often we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as family, friends and the beautiful weather we have had recently.

i think that things always look a little better with the sun shining on them - don't you?

footnote:-  you might like to know that after easter i will be opening my little shop on etsy which will be full of collagegypsy goodies!!

Happy Easter!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

A Wonderful day at Vintage Vision Fayre!

A Great Day!

hello dear readers!

i hope you have had a good week and are planning something nice with your family and friends this weekend.

i thought i would show you a few photos that i took at the Vintage Vision Fayre that was held last sunday.

My Collage-Gypsy Ltd Stall

as you know i did a stall there along with lots of other stall holders all selling vintage clothes, homewares, gifts and lots more.

Some lovely outfits on the catwalk
as well as lots of shopping there was a catwalk and lindy-hop dancing.

Lindy-hoppers with great moves & outfits!
it was a really lovely day - i met lots of new people, the fayre had over a 1000 visitors so i was kept busy all day which i like because you get a great buzz from chatting to people who are interested in similar things. 

i had a couple of wholesale enquiries and a lovely lady who had seen my work in Coco Love bought 2 of my original collages.  she absolutely loved them and it's great to know that my work is going to a customer that will appreciate it.

One of my original one of a kind collages that i sold
i sold lots of my cushions so after easter i will have to get busy on my sewing machine to replenish my stock!

i've had some new followers on twitter and facebook since the fayre which is lovely and i myself have discovered new people that i am now following.

you might like to check out my twitter and facebook and see who i am interested in and if you like what you see why don't you 'like' me!!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Vintage Vision Fayre

Come & join me at Vintage Vision!

hello dear readers.  sorry i haven't blogged lately - mr lurgy has been visiting and is definitely lingering longer than he ought to.

i thought you might like to know that this sunday on the 11th march i will be at the Vintage Vision Fayre in Abergavenny.

this will be the third stall i have done with them and it's always a great day!

they have catwalk shows featuring vintage clothes from all eras, cream teas served on vintage china and lots of stalls selling gorgeous clothes and homewares all from the past.

i will be doing a stall featuring my vintage-inspired homewares and gifts, jewellery and cards, as well as my china and collages that feature original postcards and photos.

most of my items are handmade by myself or are my own design using lovely fabrics and images and i'm sure you will find lovely mother's day gifts and easter presents from one of the lovely stalls at this event.

i will have a selection of easter, mother's day and birthday gifts to suit all pockets so come along and join in the fun!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


or how to while away a lovely hour or two...

hello dear readers - i hope you have been keeping well. 

as for myself i have the dreaded lurgy that seems to be doing the rounds so i thought i would share with you how i have been spending my time while i've been resting up.

i can sum it up in one word....

a few months ago i joined the pinterest website and thought to myself 'when i get five minutes i'll investigate further' and then i just completely put it to the back of mind.

well dear reader after coming down with this lurgy, lay on the sofa watching back to back episodes of delboy & rodney while i coughed and sipped hot lemon, i suddenly remembered this 'pinterest thing' that i had joined well before christmas.

well dear reader i feel like a new woman!

 i'm inspired, full of ideas and re-invigorated.  in future i will definitely reach for pinterest not paracetamol!

within a few minutes of browsing, you're transported to another world - creative, colourful and inspiring.

i absolutely love looking at all the creative people out there and i'm really enjoying putting together my own boards.  i've only just started to add things but you might like to check out collagegypsy on pinterest and see how i've been whiling away the time waiting for this lurgy to go.

i thoroughly recommend that you too join pinterest.  i'm sure you will love it as much as i do but i feel it's only fair to warn you that it is addictive!!!

P.S.  you might like to check out my greetings cards that i've added to CollageGypsy Shop.  just click on the different catagories.  i will be adding more items very soon.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Love Story for Valentine

My own little rom-com!

a heart-felt good morning to you dear readers!

i think spring must be in the air despite the scattering of snow that we've had because i woke up this morning feeling unusually romantic and full of love.

valentine's is just around the corner and it has put me in a reflective mood.  i often write about my work and what is happening in collage-gypsy's world but i thought dear reader that you might like to know a little about me and my husband.
amazingly, we will have been married for 20 years this year!  martin my husband has never been one to let the grass grow under his feet and a perfect example of this is his courtship of me many years ago...

we met in the march, he proposed 3 weeks later and we were married in the july of the same year,  literally 4 months to the day of actually meeting!

i can assure dear reader that there was no pressing reason for the speed of our marriage, it's just that to quote martin 'when i know what i want i just go for it.  no messing about girlie!'  that was his exact expression! 

now i know that in the great tradition of romantic literature it's not exactly the most romantic line anybody has ever heard but he must be doing something right because here we are nearly 20 years later, 2 kids, a lovely home and very happily married. 

oh, and if you're wondering dear reader why i have shown a photo of us wearing wellies, it's because i have a little story to tell...

 when we got married we didn't have a honeymoon.  we got married on the saturday afternoon, we were in our own little home in the country by the evening and the next day instead of heading off to exotic climes for a romantic honeymoon martin took me to the local countrywide store and bought me a pair of wellies!! 

who says romance is dead?!!...