Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Mousey Tail!

mr and mrs mouse

one day when i had my 'most bargainous' feeling, i decided to visit a local thrift store to see what treasures i could find.

in amongst the usual flotsam and jetsam, peeking out of an old whicker basket were two little mice.  each were wearing a most becoming knitted ensemble that matched perfectly with their linen stripe shorts and pinafore dress.

they made a most handsome pair - for i felt that they could not be anything other than a mr & mrs in their matching jumper and cardigan.

they looked so forlorn just sitting there waiting for the right person to come along and see that they needed a better home than the one they currently lived in.  i know they had their little woolly jumpers on to keep them warm but the thrift store was still mightily cold and draughty.

i decided there and then that i would give them a home in my cosy, warm studio.  i knew just how they could earn their keep of cheese and breadcrumbs.

i carried them gently home, for they were rather nervous as to where they were going, but i reassured them that all would be well.

when they saw my lovely little studio all their mousey worries flew away, for like me they knew straight away where their special place should be.

i placed them gently on my mantlepiece next to my glass jars of little treasures of buttons, lace, scrabble pieces and ribbon.

i knew they wouldn't be lonely because i already had two mousey friends waiting for them - Lizzie & Charlie who had been with me for a little while and were settling in very nicely indeed.

this is where they now spend their days watching over me as i beaver away in my studio.

they look after my little jars of treasures and let me know when stocks are running low.

they squeak to let me know when the postman has arrived with the latest thrift goodies i have won on ebay.

mr and mrs mouse - my new found friends!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

And the answer is...Coco's at Hereford!

my little competion has already been won!!

i'm just letting you know that somebody has already guessed the correct answer to my competition so it is now closed.

Framed Collage Print won by a herefordshire lady

a lady from herefordshire correctly guessed that i am now supplying Coco's at Hereford so i will be sending her a framed collage print absolutely free!

Coco's at Hereford
Coco's at Hereford very kindly thought that my work fitted in perfectly with their shop style which is pretty, vintage and unique, so i am now supplying them with different items that are all handmade by myself.

Cards, Brooches, Necklaces and Lavender Bags
at the moment they have cushions, brooches, necklaces, cards and soon will have framed prints of mine.

Collage Print Cushion in Linen
all my work is original and handmade and i am currently working on christmas stock so look out for this soon at Coco's!

Doggie Birthday Party Cushion

Cushion featuring retro fabric and Black & White print
with christmas in mind, don't forget that if you fancy giving a loved one something totally unique, such as christmas cards, i do commissions, so check out my facebook page for an idea of the kind of things i make or email me with special requests.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Competition Giveaway!!

A little competition giveaway!

i have decided to do a little competition with a prize to the first person who guesses the answer correctly.

i have recently started to supply another shop with my artworks and to celebrate this i am offering a lovely little freebie of my work.

the prize is a framed print of one of my many collages that i make delivered to your door free of charge.

all the lucky winner needs to do is send me an email with their address so i know where to post it to.

all you have to do is guess which shop i am now supplying.  i will give you one clue to help - the shop is somewhere in the city of Hereford.

the first person to post the name of the shop on any of my sites:-

facebook - collagegypsy mixed media artworks
twitter - @collagegypsy

will receive a lovely framed print of the collage pictured above, beautifully wrapped and ready to hang.

the competition deadline is Friday 30th September 2011 so send your guesses in now!!

man's best friend!!

man's best friend!!

a couple of days ago i wanted to take some photos of my favourite fabrics.  it was too dark in the house so i decided to do a photo shoot outside in the garden in the sunshine.

as i was busily taking the photos, my little dog monty watched me, as he sat on the front doorstep. 

each time i had finished with a piece of fabric or blanket i just threw it into the front doorway in a pile.

as you can see from these photos, it didn't take long for monty to get comfortable and start sleeping on my crochet blankets!

he got all snuggled and warm and promptly slept there for the next hour!  i couldn't move the pile of blankets because when i asked him what did he think he was doing, he gave me such an old-fashioned look as if to say
"i'm sleeping - DO NOT DISTURB!!"

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Fabric Book of Life

i've been revamping my studio as you know, and of course this involve lots of sorting out and dejunking.  i've been going through previous artworks that i've made and came across a fabric book i made a few years ago.

i didn't realise just how much time as gone by until i read through my book and saw all the photos of my 2 kids!  they look so small!!!  my son is now over 6ft and my daughter is a lot taller than me but in this book they look so young and cute!

the book is all about me being a housewife and mum and all the things i do about the home.

i used all different photos that i took of the kids and me and my hubby and the different rooms in the house.

i used phrases that i found in an old housekeeping book and matched them to the different images i made.

i really enjoyed making my fabric book because it was my way of expressing how i feel about my little family (not so little now!) and all the jobs i do around the house to make it a home.

i hope you enjoy looking through my 'little book of life' as much as i enjoyed making it those many moons ago.....

please kindly note that all images and artworks are copyright protected
Collage-Gypsy Ltd (c)

Friday, 9 September 2011


it's been a few weeks since i last caught up with you.  i've been really busy starting to re-decorate the whole of the house - yes the whole! - now i've started i'm thinking more 'i wish a hole would swallow me up!'

it's going to be more of a job than i first anticipated. but we did start with the most important room in the house - at least i think so - MY STUDIO!!!  crazy i know but i am so excited that i've finally got a proper space to call my own.  i discreetly and sneakily started to take over the family dining room - a desk here, a printer there until finally long-suffering hubby took the hint and said that i needed a proper place to work so we re-vamped the dining room into a gorgeous place that's all my own....

i'm surrounded by all the things that i love - vintage china, buttons, beads, ribbons, photos, colour, fabric stashes, books and collages i've done in the past. 

as you can see i'm a HUGE marilyn fan, and gone with the wind, fashion and vintage ladies also feature a lot in my creative space.

i love using my sewing machine to make cushions, clothes and little home accessories like lavender bags. 

you will notice my inspirational quote that i painted on the wall above the fireplace.  it's taken from the most wonderful book i've ever read called Double Wedding Ring by Patricia Wendorf.  do yourself a favour and READ THIS BOOK!  it's the most fantastic story and you will absolutely love it - i promise!  if you do get to read it, let me know what you think and leave a comment.

if you're interested in other books that she's written they are Larksleve, Blanche and Bye Bye Blackbird.  again, they are absolutely wonderful as well.  it tells the story of a family over the generations - truly magical!!