Monday, 19 December 2011

A Little Chunk of Cheerfulness!

Victorian Christmas Market

hello dear readers.  sorry i've not blogged recently - i've been snowed under ('scuse the pun!) with work and the usual christmas chaos.

i hope you are full of festive cheer and just in case you're not, i thought you might like to see how i got on at leominster the other week when i did a christmas stall.

there was some fantastic stalls and people - everybody was in a christmassy mood and it was such a lovely atmosphere.

we were very lucky with the weather - it stayed dry which was a blessing but i have to say it was bitterly cold which resulted in me catching a bit of a chill.

different friends and family of mine came to say hello which was lovely and supportive of them. 

my lovely son rory came with me and was a great help all day which was just as well, because i have to confess dear reader that i actually thought it was going to be a very quiet day what with the recession and all but i couldn't have been proved more wrong.

the fair was actually busier than last year and although i did very well the last time i did a christmas stall,  i ended up doing even better this year which was very surprising!

as you can see from my photos my stall was full of little cheerful knick knacks, because as you know dear reader my ethos is to live my life surrounded by inspirational and uplifting people and beautiful and functional objects.

so for instance if i need a needlecase, i make it myself as beautiful and inspiring as i can.  if you're going to use daily objects why not make them visually appealing and heartwarming as well?

i'm a firm believer in finding little rays of sunshine and happiness in the simple things in life.

i wonder if other people are starting to feel the same way because items like my cheeky lady coasters were very popular, and again, if you're going to use a coaster why not have a funny one that makes you smile?

i think more and more people are moving away from the mass produced and are wanting a more personal and cosy home where they can close the door on the world and all its insanity and enjoy a relaxing space surrounded by the people and things they love.

i sold lots of different things including cushions, notebooks, cards, coasters, teacups and mugs, and i like to think that i've helped to cheer up a little corner of somebody's home.

i had a really successful day and the cherry on the cake for me was that a lady running her own stall at the market really liked my work and so now i'm supplying her shop at leominster.

it's a children's boutique called 'connie and tom' and i'm really looking forward to making more items for her shop and the other 2 that i already supply.

all in all i think i'm going to have a busy new year which i'm looking forward to because i love creating all sorts of art and to make money from it is just an added bonus because truth be told i would be making it anyway!!

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