Friday, 2 December 2011

Credit Crunch versus Joie de Vivre

The Credit Crunched my Joie de Vivre!
a strange thing happened to me this morning dear reader.

i was going about usual daily chores when i suddenly realised that i had lost my 'joie de vivre.'

usually i start each day feeling that my 'inner lightbulb' is one of those old-fashioned full 100 wattage bulbs, but this morning it was definitely an 11 watt 'energy-saver.'

there seemed no obvious reason for why i felt so lack-lustre.  now i know dear reader that this probably doesn't seem very important, but me without my joie de vivre is like Del Boy without Rodney...

it just ain't right!

i had no idea where i had left her.  i thought about it logically and decided to re-trace my steps in the hope of finding her again.  i made a mental list of all the things i had done this morning. 

1. i know she was with me when i took my dog for his daily walk.

2. she was still about when i was eating breakfast.

3.  amazingly she was still with me when i was sorting out the huge pile of washing.

4.  i remember i went on my laptop to pay the bills... 

Ah!-Ah!  i think i know where my joie de vivre has gone!

i quickly went into my studio where my laptop was on my desk.  sat in a pile next to it was all our bills.  i leafed through the pile and there between the credit card statement and electricity bill was my joie de vivre!  i must have dropped her while i was busy paying the bills!

i was beside myself with joy!!  i said i was sorry to my joie de vivre for losing her so easily but my only excuse was that i had been pre-occupied and a little overwhelmed with the credit crunch and cost of living.

my joie de vivre said she would forgive me for this little indiscretion as long as i promised not to lose her again.

joie de vivre told me that even when i feel she is playing hide and seek with me and i cannot find her, she is still around but just in a different place.

i asked her where would be the best place to look for her in our rather frugal festive season if i misplaced her again.

joie de vivre gave me a list of the top 5 most likey places to find her:-

1. in the kitchen while i'm baking the mince pies and christmas cake for my family.

2.  sat next to me on the sofa while i'm watching the dvd of It's A Wonderful Life with my little dog Monty.

3.  helping me to untangle the sellotape while i'm listening to my favourite christmas tunes as i wrap all the homemade presents for family and friends.

4.  hiding amongst the tinsel as i sort through the decorations for the christmas tree.

5.  and last but not least,  curled up on the sofa next to me on christmas eve when me and my hubby and 2 kids all snuggle up together and enjoy watching the original version of Scrooge while we have hot chocolate and mince pies.

 joie de vivre told me that this was the most likely place where she would be because although she understood my financial worries she felt it was her duty as my best friend to remind me that money was all well and good but it can't buy you health, happiness and love.

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