Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Secret Love Affair!!

My Secret Love Affair!

dear reader i have a confession to make.  after 19 years of marriage i am having an illicit affair with another - his name is Kristopher Krups.

i know i shouldn't be, but i just can't help myself so i feel i must tell you the full story.

it was just a very ordinary day no different to any other. i was in town.  as i was gaily trotting along doing my christmas shopping i saw him for the very first time and wham!  it was love at first sight.

i stopped in my tracks. as i gazed at him in all his glory through the shop window,  he winked at me.  i noticed how smart he looked in his vibrant red shirt.  i said 'how handsome you look.'  'thank you' said he.  he replied 'you look beautiful in your peacock-blue hat and jacket.'  'why thankyou' said i.  he told me his name was Kristopher Klups.  i told him my name was collagegypsy.

before i knew what i was doing i went into the shop to have a closer look at him.  i ran my hands over his well-defined shoulders, he flexed his muscles for me.

we were instantly attracted to one another.  i gave him a flirtatious look,  he showed me his package.

we carried on chatting for a while.  i knew he liked me because i was being given the green light.

i decided there and then that we must never be parted so i took him home with me.

ever since that fateful day, every afternoon when everybody is out at work or college, Mr Klups makes mad passionate love to me!

we spend a wonderful hour flirting across the coffee cups chatting and enjoying each others company before everybody returns home.

i don't know how long this illicit love affair will go on for, but i can truthfully say that at this moment in time Mr Klups is pressing all the right buttons!!!

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