Friday, 25 November 2011

Leominster Victorian Christmas Market

Roll Up!  Roll Up! Get Your Bargains Here!!

hello dear readers!  i'm so excited because i'm going to be joining in the fun at the Victorian Christmas Market that's held at Leominster every year.  this year it's on Saturday 10th December all day in Corn Square.

i did my first stall there last year and it went really well.  everybody was so friendly - there was a great christmassy (is that a word?!) atmosphere and everyone was so complimentary about my work which was really lovely.

  it was so encouraging because it was my very first stall i had ever done and i was nervous as you can imagine.  i needn't have worried though because everybody was so chatty and helpful.  i was also fortunate to have my son helping me which was great and he's very kindly agreed to help me again this year, because my stall got pretty busy, and of course dear reader it wouldn't be christmas if i couldn't stop for a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine at some point during the day!

there's always a great selection of stalls selling all sorts of things from handmade jewellery through to local food and drink.

all my work is inspired by old photographs and postcards and i like to use original vintage ephemera as much as possible in my original one-off collages that i make.

on my stall i will be selling handmade items that i have been making over the last few weeks from cards, jewellery and collages through to my teacups that i designed myself that are made from fine bone china and are dishwasher safe.  i'm really excited to be selling this limited edition teacup design.  as you know dear reader it was a long process to get my design off the ground and actually be made into teacups that i hope you will like.

i hope you will be able to come along and join in the festive fun and do some last minute christmas shopping.  it would be lovely if you could stop by my stall for a chat and say hello!

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