Monday, 17 October 2011

Living the Dream - Finally!!


Hooray! my tea-cup design has arrived!

at long last, after months of research and planning dear readers, i received samples of my design for a tea-cup & saucer and mug.

my journey started last year in July when i made my very first tea-cup.  i supplied a local shop with my different designs but my tea-cups were purely decorative.

each time i made one, i thought how lovely they would be if you could actually use them as a functional work of art.

after months of searching the internet i found a factory who straight away knew what i wanted to do.

i made a slightly different design that would work well on a china tea-cup and as soon as it was approved i ordered samples of my design which were finally delivered last week.

as i opened my parcel i couldn't contain my excitement - i did a little dance around the kitchen and for once i was totally speechless as i saw my finished design for the first time.

i am so pleased with how its turned out and i still have to pinch myself because i have wanted to mass produce a design of mine for a long time and now my time has finally come!

its fantastic to have my design looking so professional - the design is copright protected, i've got my own 'backstamp' with my logo that i use on all my web pages, and the icing on the cake for me is that the china is dishwasher safe!

i've been on cloud nine ever since!

i have placed an order with the factory so my tea-cups and mugs will be available on-line very soon and i will keep you posted as to which shops will be stocking them. 

you may wonder dear reader why i'm beside myself with joy.  it's because having coped with the different things life has thrown at me, i am finally seeing my ideas come to fruition after a very, very long time of waiting.  i am 41 now, and i have wanted to run my own business and see my designs in shops since i was 18.

now don't get me wrong dear reader, i love being a mum and housewife but now that my kids are teenagers i feel that now it is my time to shine and the first step on this journey has been starting my business in february this year. it has gone from strength to strength so i feel very blessed especially in this current recession.

it just goes to show that it might take a little longer than you expected but if you stay true to your dreams you can achieve them! 

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  1. Its a pleasure to watch your dream turn to reality - and an inspiration for those of us still doing the dreary 9-5!