Thursday, 27 October 2011

It's raining, it's pouring....

it's raining, it's pouring...

are you like me dear reader?  do you secretly look forward to Mr Time stepping forward one hour this weekend?  even though perhaps like me, come the middle of february you long for daffodils and easter bunnies to make an appearance again?

the thought of it getting dark outside earlier fills me with that warm, cosy feeling because it means more snuggling time on the sofa with my lovely hubby, cuddling under a knitted blanket while we watch a favourite movie.

the fire is roaring, the candles are lit and the lamps put on low. a steaming mug of hot chocolate is on the coffee table with a plate of home made biscuits of course, and we settle down to enjoy some quiet time away from the trials and tribulations of work and all the demands made on us during  the day.

if the kids have time from their busy social life - remember of course that they are teenagers! - they join us to watch a family movie, usually something totally silly like 'Elf' - and yes i'm still chuckling at the scene where Elf thinks the gum stuck on the sidewalk is free candy for him to eat!

as well as cuddling up to my hubby, my little dog Monty likes to snuggle as well.  as i stroke him and enjoy the evening with my family i appreciate how blessed i am to have such a lovely life.  i appreciate the warmth, safety and love that i have, because of course dear reader i don't have to tell you of all the awful things that go on in the world - you only have to watch 10 minutes of the news to know that all is not well.  so i count my blessings and try each day to make a difference where i can, whether it be recycling an unwanted sweater into a scarf, giving outgrown clothes to the local thrift store, only using the car if i really have to, or something simple like making my family their favourite meal that evening.

always look on the bright side of life.

i'm a firm believer that everybody no matter how small the action, can make a difference to their life or somebody else's.

i believe in appreciating the little things in life, whether it's a log fire, a country walk, a chat with a dear friend, sewing on my machine or even using my favourite vintage china.

i enjoy my life and live everyday to the full and appreciate what i have.  

my mantra for each day is 'this is a day for throwing bonnets over windmills!'  which basically means enjoy life.  it's a quote taken from my favourite book Double Wedding Ring by Patricia Wendorf and that's how i try to live my life each day.

of course,some days are harder than others dear reader, but if they weren't, i wouldn't be human would i? 

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