Friday, 14 October 2011

Delivery of goodies to cardiff!

cardiff castle
yesterday, after months of saying that i would make time to see the shop i supply in cardiff, me and my long-suffering hubby finally visited.

i didn't realise that cardiff was so big and that there were so many fantastic shops!

A fantastic window display of old sewing machines!
we took another parcel of stock to the shop i supply that is situated in the royal arcade

tea cup & saucer, coasters, brooches and cushion
the shop is called Kay's Eclectic Vintage (you'll find it on facebook)and is run by Bryn, a lovely lady who is always happy with the products i send her which is great! Her shop is situated above another shop called Joie De Vivre which is run by Belinda who i met for the first time yesterday. she was very friendly and helpful and very complimentary about my work which is always lovely to hear.

cushions from my children's range and my oval baby shoes hand embroidered pictures
i took some photos of my work in situ and i was very pleased with how everything looked.

Some of my cushions and an oval lady of mine

A few of my greetings cards

my hubby is an absolute gem - he followed me round all the shops that he had absolutely no interest in, while i'm very animatedly saying how fantabulous everything is - that's my hybrid of fantastic and fabulous. i use it when something is super super fabulous!

needless to say i also did rather a lot of shopping while i was at cardiff (hence the long-suffering hubby at the start of my blog!)
i admired all the gorgeous vintagey finds that were just waiting for me to rescue them from the shelves and i took a few home.

we had a lovely lunch to recharge our batteries, for by this time we were starting to flag so after another look round we drove home, my hubby breathing a sigh of relief while my mind was working overtime thinking of all the things i was going to make with the different vintage fabrics i had bought.

all in all a most fantabulous day!!!

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  1. Thank you for the nice comments - I'm so ppleased you loved the way your things are in the shop.