Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Fabric Book of Life

i've been revamping my studio as you know, and of course this involve lots of sorting out and dejunking.  i've been going through previous artworks that i've made and came across a fabric book i made a few years ago.

i didn't realise just how much time as gone by until i read through my book and saw all the photos of my 2 kids!  they look so small!!!  my son is now over 6ft and my daughter is a lot taller than me but in this book they look so young and cute!

the book is all about me being a housewife and mum and all the things i do about the home.

i used all different photos that i took of the kids and me and my hubby and the different rooms in the house.

i used phrases that i found in an old housekeeping book and matched them to the different images i made.

i really enjoyed making my fabric book because it was my way of expressing how i feel about my little family (not so little now!) and all the jobs i do around the house to make it a home.

i hope you enjoy looking through my 'little book of life' as much as i enjoyed making it those many moons ago.....

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