Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Mousey Tail!

mr and mrs mouse

one day when i had my 'most bargainous' feeling, i decided to visit a local thrift store to see what treasures i could find.

in amongst the usual flotsam and jetsam, peeking out of an old whicker basket were two little mice.  each were wearing a most becoming knitted ensemble that matched perfectly with their linen stripe shorts and pinafore dress.

they made a most handsome pair - for i felt that they could not be anything other than a mr & mrs in their matching jumper and cardigan.

they looked so forlorn just sitting there waiting for the right person to come along and see that they needed a better home than the one they currently lived in.  i know they had their little woolly jumpers on to keep them warm but the thrift store was still mightily cold and draughty.

i decided there and then that i would give them a home in my cosy, warm studio.  i knew just how they could earn their keep of cheese and breadcrumbs.

i carried them gently home, for they were rather nervous as to where they were going, but i reassured them that all would be well.

when they saw my lovely little studio all their mousey worries flew away, for like me they knew straight away where their special place should be.

i placed them gently on my mantlepiece next to my glass jars of little treasures of buttons, lace, scrabble pieces and ribbon.

i knew they wouldn't be lonely because i already had two mousey friends waiting for them - Lizzie & Charlie who had been with me for a little while and were settling in very nicely indeed.

this is where they now spend their days watching over me as i beaver away in my studio.

they look after my little jars of treasures and let me know when stocks are running low.

they squeak to let me know when the postman has arrived with the latest thrift goodies i have won on ebay.

mr and mrs mouse - my new found friends!

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