Friday, 16 September 2011

man's best friend!!

man's best friend!!

a couple of days ago i wanted to take some photos of my favourite fabrics.  it was too dark in the house so i decided to do a photo shoot outside in the garden in the sunshine.

as i was busily taking the photos, my little dog monty watched me, as he sat on the front doorstep. 

each time i had finished with a piece of fabric or blanket i just threw it into the front doorway in a pile.

as you can see from these photos, it didn't take long for monty to get comfortable and start sleeping on my crochet blankets!

he got all snuggled and warm and promptly slept there for the next hour!  i couldn't move the pile of blankets because when i asked him what did he think he was doing, he gave me such an old-fashioned look as if to say
"i'm sleeping - DO NOT DISTURB!!"

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