Friday, 9 September 2011


it's been a few weeks since i last caught up with you.  i've been really busy starting to re-decorate the whole of the house - yes the whole! - now i've started i'm thinking more 'i wish a hole would swallow me up!'

it's going to be more of a job than i first anticipated. but we did start with the most important room in the house - at least i think so - MY STUDIO!!!  crazy i know but i am so excited that i've finally got a proper space to call my own.  i discreetly and sneakily started to take over the family dining room - a desk here, a printer there until finally long-suffering hubby took the hint and said that i needed a proper place to work so we re-vamped the dining room into a gorgeous place that's all my own....

i'm surrounded by all the things that i love - vintage china, buttons, beads, ribbons, photos, colour, fabric stashes, books and collages i've done in the past. 

as you can see i'm a HUGE marilyn fan, and gone with the wind, fashion and vintage ladies also feature a lot in my creative space.

i love using my sewing machine to make cushions, clothes and little home accessories like lavender bags. 

you will notice my inspirational quote that i painted on the wall above the fireplace.  it's taken from the most wonderful book i've ever read called Double Wedding Ring by Patricia Wendorf.  do yourself a favour and READ THIS BOOK!  it's the most fantastic story and you will absolutely love it - i promise!  if you do get to read it, let me know what you think and leave a comment.

if you're interested in other books that she's written they are Larksleve, Blanche and Bye Bye Blackbird.  again, they are absolutely wonderful as well.  it tells the story of a family over the generations - truly magical!!


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