Wednesday, 21 September 2011

And the answer is...Coco's at Hereford!

my little competion has already been won!!

i'm just letting you know that somebody has already guessed the correct answer to my competition so it is now closed.

Framed Collage Print won by a herefordshire lady

a lady from herefordshire correctly guessed that i am now supplying Coco's at Hereford so i will be sending her a framed collage print absolutely free!

Coco's at Hereford
Coco's at Hereford very kindly thought that my work fitted in perfectly with their shop style which is pretty, vintage and unique, so i am now supplying them with different items that are all handmade by myself.

Cards, Brooches, Necklaces and Lavender Bags
at the moment they have cushions, brooches, necklaces, cards and soon will have framed prints of mine.

Collage Print Cushion in Linen
all my work is original and handmade and i am currently working on christmas stock so look out for this soon at Coco's!

Doggie Birthday Party Cushion

Cushion featuring retro fabric and Black & White print
with christmas in mind, don't forget that if you fancy giving a loved one something totally unique, such as christmas cards, i do commissions, so check out my facebook page for an idea of the kind of things i make or email me with special requests.

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