Wednesday, 3 August 2011

its been a couple of weeks since i last blogged - i've been really busy redecorating the house, starting with the bedroom. i'm now doing the dining room which after its finished will be my studio so that i've got somewhere organised and comfortable to work in. i wanted a proper work space because my business seems to be picking up really well, considering that i haven't even got my etsy and folksy shops running yet. word of mouth seems to be working really well!!

as well as decorating i've been making more things for my stall at the Vintage Vision fair this coming sunday at abergavenny. it'll be the second stall i've done there. last time was really good - there was a great atmosphere, friendly people, my artworks and homewares sold really well and it was a lovely family event. i'm looking forward to doing it again.

as i write this i'm covered in flecks of paint, a headscarf covering my hair (expensive hairdressers yesterday!) and am dressed in baggy pants and vest! i've just stopped painting to have lunch and write this blog so i will catch up again with you soon!!xxx

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