Tuesday, 14 June 2011

this is the entrance to my studio. on the wall i painted my daily mantra 'this is a day for throwing bonnets over windmills' which is taken from a book written by patricia wendorf called double wedding ring - a beautiful book which i read at least twice a year because it is so uplifting hence the reason i painted it going into my studio because i find it totally inspiring and it gets me in the right frame of mind to work.

i surround myself with all sorts of things that i love and collect. you can see a gingerbread house i made of photographs and a framed collage.

i thought you might like to see my studio where i work everyday - family committments allowing of course. a few months ago i decided to cover the walls with photos and images that inspire me and make me happy - i love anything colourful and bright as you can see! this is the mantlepiece with all my jars of buttons, ribbons and lace.

this is the studio door covered in more pictures and 3 collages i made a while ago.

this a corner where the bookcase is full of all the books i love like frida kahlo, sewing books and vintage books that i use in my work.

i always listen to my music when i work - quite often it is the inspiration for my collages, and of course you can see my trusted printer which i couldn't live without hidden under a patchwork cloth to keep the dust of it! not that i'm obsessed or anything!!

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