Saturday, 4 June 2011

phew!! what a weeks its been. all on the same day we had no water (so no cuppa!), i had to cancel my bank card because somebody had been using it online to try and make a purchase, and then i had no internet so i couldn't do any work! i was absolutely losing it by lunchtime - and all this without having had my morning cup of cha!! It was lucky for my long suffering husband that it wasn't a * week - if it had been i think i would have been a jibbering wreck in the corner of my studio. To top it all my poor son failed his medical for his navy application because he's got contact dermatitis on his hands. i was totally gutted for him. everthing else was ok - it was such a silly little thing to fail on. he was so upset which of course made me upset because even though he's over 6ft tall he's still my boy and you just want the best for them. i hope he figures out what he wants to do instead. 'into each life some rain must fall' - well as far as i'm concerned it pissed down that day!!! i could only hope that the next day would be better!

the following day - to cheer myself up i went to town and did some theraputic browsing in my local charity shops - guaranteed to lift my spirits because i usually find something that says 'buy me! buy me! you know you want to use me in a project!!' sure enough i found some lace, buttons and fabric that i know i can use for something! - not that i need to add anymore to my growing mountain of fabric stash and jars of buttons, but hey! ho! you can never have too many buttons. but i must confess i use that same excuse for handbags, shoes and hats! what's a woman to do! there are 365 days in the year and every day i wake up in a different mood so naturally i need to wear a different outfit to reflect my inner soul for that day.

since then i have used the fabric to make some cushions and the buttons to trim a favourite cardy of mine because i don't know about you but with this changeable weather i tend to wear lots of layers so that i can peel off and pile back on in accordance to the whim of the sunshine and showers. i just don't know what to wear when i take my dog for a walk - i usually end up in an assortment of wellies, leggings, petticoat under a colourful dress and cardy looking something that's exploded out of an old dressing-up trunk - you know, the sort you find in the attic - you blow the dustbunnies of it, open it up and say 'i totally forgot i had that' and the discarded treasure is taken back out, washed and pressed and cherished once more until something else takes your fancy.

well - i'm going to take my dog out for his daily sniff and search. the sunshine is beautiful, the birds are singing, the grass isn't just green it's REAL GREEN (just testing your general knowledge - Pleasantville anyone?) so i think it calls for my red flowery pumps, green embroidered skirt with petticoat and my frilly parasol to finish the whole ensemble!! have a great day xx

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