Saturday, 30 April 2011

A few weeks ago I picked up a carrier bag full of old photos at a flea market for £5! These are just 2 of them that I will use in my work. I always find it very sad that somebody's life history in photos ends up for sale in amongst other junk. I like to think that buying and using them in my work gives them a second breath of life because I know I appreciate and value them and hopefully people who buy my work do as well. I can't believe anybody would want to throw out these beautiful photos of these little girls! I think all the photos relate to one family because the same people keep appearing in the different decades in the different fashions - ranging from 1900ish to the 1960's.

I can't wait to create something using all these photos - something that people will be able to enjoy for a long time. xx

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  1. I think its really lovely that you are breathing new life into those discarded photos - what a nice thing to do!